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Bas is a holistic innovator focusing on strategy, design and concept development.

Welcome to my professional profile. I'm Bas, a versatile professional with a background spanning Design, Psychology, and Business Administration. Originally from Breda and now residing in Rotterdam, my expertise lies in understanding human behavior, optimizing business processes, and driving innovation. My interest in design was sparked by a fascination with psychological-oriented cases and a desire to work with cutting-edge technology and innovative companies. Through roles as a Product Designer, Product Manager, and Experience Manager, I've developed a knack for blending creativity with strategic business insights.

One of my key strengths lies in concept development, both in the physical and digital space. I excel at translating abstract ideas into tangible solutions, whether it's designing products that resonate with users on a human level or crafting innovative digital experiences that streamline processes and enhance engagement. I'm deeply passionate about helping people and organizations succeed. Whether it's crafting new propositions, implementing design systems, or developing compelling business cases, I thrive on leveraging my expertise in people, business, and technology to make a real difference.

Outside of work, music is my greatest passion—I've been playing the piano since childhood and am currently producing my own album. I also prioritize my health with regular exercise. With a proactive approach, a creative mindset, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, I'm committed to continual growth and making a positive impact. Join me on this journey where design, psychology, and business intersect to drive meaningful change.

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