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ANWB 2021

As part of a pressure cooker session, I had the pleasure to think about new business opportunities for the ANWB. I combined my Design and Business Administration skills. In collaboration with the the target group, millennials, a car-cleaning and car-charging service on-demand has been developed. A user can have his car cleaned and charged by appointment via an application. This concept fulfilled the need of the millennial, as well as the ANWB employee who has less work these days due to the rise of electric driving and the use of lease cars.

Focus Points

Service Design, Propositions, UX Research


Interview, Persona, Brainstorm, Mindmap, Wireframing, User Flows 


The ANWB is a Dutch association that represents the interest of its members in the areas of mobility, travel and recreation. Via desk research I've managed to clarify what the ANWB stands for and what kind of services and products it offers to their customers. Qualitative interviews with millennials resulted in a persona, for which a new service should be designed. Thanks to the qualitative information, I gained insight in the needs of the target group.


First, I had to breakdown the information gained from my research. What are the problems for whom? Afterwards, I ideated via brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques. After conceptualization, I listed some flows and wrote down some requirements. Once the wireframes made sense, I created high-fidelity mockups of a potential application.

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