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Focus Points

UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Design System, Branding, Product Design, Product Management, Stakeholder Management


Task Analysis, Contextual inquiry, Content Audit, Card Sorting, User Stories, Brainstorming, User Flows, Wireframes, Sitemaps, Prototyping, Field Testing is an umbrella organization with many different product teams. All teams support different customers with different needs in different verticals. However, every product is part of the platform. I was one of the two product designers responsible for the development of the platform and its products. 

Once I joined at, I immediately started with internal and external research. I soon became aware that other teams wanted design capacity as well. Via a proposal to the Management Team a central design team was formed, which interacted with all product owners on a monthly basis. More than 24 products have been designed and developed since.

Moreover, this was the starting point of the Design System, led by myself and my designer colleague. Together with developers from different teams we determined the scope, elements and roadmap. Some of the projects can be found below.

Design System

I was one of the initiators of the Design System named Aurora. Every product within looked and behaved differently when I started, because every team was creating its own products and was working in silos. Together with my fellow designer, we gave a presentation about these inconsistencies during a quarterly meeting in front of 300 people. We talked about (and showed) all the different buttons, colors, paddings, layout, behavior and more.


Time spent on developing components over and over again was one of the reasons for getting resources to develop a Design System. Together with developers from different product teams we iteratively developed components and guidelines in two-weekly sprints. Aurora is now a common good and mandatory to use.


Information will follow soon.


Campaigns is an intuitive web-based interface to easily send out campaigns and text messages to an audience via different channels, like SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and RCS. Upload contacts, create a campaign, include rich content, schedule or send the campaign and analyse results afterwards.


Pages is a product to build personalized landing pages to engage, convert, and optimize customer communication. Users can simply drag-and-drop design elements on the canvas, customize them and add the page to a campaign. Users can add payment links or automate ticketing and monitor conversion metrics. 

Customer Contact

Customer Contact is a tool that enables business communication on conversational channels. Customers have on-the-go access to customer support via different conversational channels. Fully integrated with premium features like chatbots.

Analysis & Synthesis was main sponsor of football club NAC Breda. I had the opportunity to invite clients and users to the office for various weekly tests, focus groups and brainstorming sessions, and took them to a possible match afterwards. Focusing on different products or services every time. In this way, we found out that there are 3 general types of B2B customers, which are to be divided into different personas. As a product owner, I introduced a product whereby one of the three B2B customers is able to design complex user flows within the platform. also has a ticketing division for which I've helped several times, live at festivals to observe and solicit customers. I had the opportunity to go to business events and talk with businesses, their management and their users. Based on that feedback we introduced a simple landing page editor. Enabling customers to quickly send promotional sites or surveys along with their text messages to recipients during timeframes best suited for them.

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