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FOX-IT 2017

FOX-IT is a cybersecurity company and prevents and mitigates the most serious cyber threats with smart IT solutions for government, defense, infrastructure and financial institutions.


FOX-IT is an umbrella company with 4 branches. One of those branches focuses on the financial sector. As 1 of the 2 product designers, I was responsible for a number of products that, in particular, helped banks in analyzing (fraudulent) transactions and monitoring. Participating in various product teams, I worked together with about 60 developers and closely with the Product Owner, Data Analysts and the Business Unit Manager.

Focus Points

UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Design System, Branding


Ecosystem Map, Competitive Audit, Stakeholder Interviews, User Flows, Heuristic Analysis, Use Cases, Wireframes

Analysis & Synthesis

Based on qualitative research and focus groups with clients of banks and financial institutions, I optimized the software solution and was able to suggest ideas for new functionality.  I worked closely with a Data Analyst and the Product Owner. Writing JIRA tickets was a shared effort in this and I also led the demo-meetings.

The complexity of transaction traffic has been made transparent. Together with the team we devised a new way for users to have more control over what needs to be monitored by designing a complex yet intuitive drag-and-drop rule-creation interface. All based on contextual interviews and user capabilities. I was also responsible for the implementation of a new Design System and all the marketing materials.

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