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Mediq 2020

Mediq started as a pharmacy association but grew into a medical company with activities in 13 European countries. Helping people cope with chronic diseases or serious illnesses. At home, in a healthcare facility, or in the hospital. 

Mediq is divided in business units. As a product manager, I was part of the Respiratory and Pharmacy business unit. I was in touch with every department, orchestrating product-related activities and was the innovator that offered new perspectives on existing propositions through Design Thinking and patient-centered design.

Focus Points

Product Management, Propositions, Service Design, UX Research


Desk Research, Surveys, Observations, SWOT, 5-Forces Model, Expert Interviews, Customer Journey, Value Proposition Canvas, Brainstorming, Design Sprint

Project NOVA

An internal project was aimed to make Mediq more patient-oriented instead of product-oriented. I used the Design thinking method for this. Product Managers should be focussing on propositions, gaps, improvements in the customer journey. The project was divided in three phases:

  1. Create multiple personas for different indications, analyze indication backgrounds and set-up patient journeys. This will not only help becoming patient-centered, but also serves as input for Digital Marketing and the Mediq website.

  2. Investigate internal inefficiencies. Create one hub as a single source of truth, in which all employees can view, edit and add information regarding the services of Mediq.

  3. Develop one digital world of Mediq, which collects and combines all data regarding patients, healthcare professionals and more, focusing on outcome-based healthcare.

Smart Infusion & Syringes

I was involved in external projects to make infusion pumps smarter so that healthcare professionals could analyze the data remotely. For this I conducted market research and stakeholder interviews.


The Smart Syringes project aimed to improve administrating medication via syringes by orthopedists. I assisted and consulted an external orthopedist  with making a business plan and its value proposition. When giving injections, orthopedists experience a lot of pressure on the hand joints, resulting in potential rheumatic conditions. Especially if the orthopedist has to administer all day.

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