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TIX.NL 2017 is a company and website for booking airline tickets. They strive to provide as much information as possible about flights, so that consumers can decide for themselves what the best flight option would be. During a pressure cooker, I had the opportunity to think along about the development of new modules for the platform. With focus on conversion and the fear-of-missing-out concept, I combined my Design and Psychology background.

Focus Points

UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Persuasive Design


Competitive Analysis, Desk Research, User Flows

The final assignment was to redesign several parts of the platform and to ensure that user flows were involved in the design process. wanted a new inspiration page, booking process and intuitive search results module. Flow and conversion-oriented thinking were crucial in this. Together with flight bookers, I designed a new inspiration environment by means of Persuasive Design and added psychological triggers to increase conversion.

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